Interior Design 2017 Trends Forecast

//Interior Design 2017 Trends Forecast

Interior Design 2017 Trends Forecast

The Interior Design Show curators have unveiled their forecast for some of the top trends for 2017 inspiring the direction of design for the year to come. “This year, we’ll see designers and trends that will encompass the expansion of the outdoor living realm to the fusion of tech and design accumulating into an awe-inspiring and ultimately exciting year for design,” said Karen Kang, National Director, IDS Canada.

Material Matters

Mixed materials continue their domination in 2017. Floors, ceilings, and surface areas will be adorned with interesting materials, tiles, and patterns to create an eye-catching statement. Designers will play with strategically placed tiles mixed with other patterns to create an unconventional focal point.

Rugs as art

Area rugs will be the go-to trend for homeowners looking to make a rapid impact. A mix of size, color, style, and texture creates endless possibilities to complement an existing room or make a complete transformation. From floors to walls, rugs become art with rooms being built around them as opposed to on top of them.

Tech & Design

From Smartphone to Smarthome, this is modern like you’ve never seen it before. This year, home décor will take a futuristic trip to introduce avant-garde lighting and appliances for the savvy homeowner who refuses to sacrifice style for convenience.

Urban Retreat

In an age where homes are smaller and lives are busier, the city retreat becomes more important than ever. As an extension of the living area, creating an outdoor urban oasis will be the perfect addition to any home or condominium. In 2017 expect to see mixed materials work their way into outdoor spaces.

Feminine Redone

Strong and beautiful, the new feminine aesthetic goes beyond pretty. This trend sees a juxtaposition of bold architectural details and lines, mixed with soft colors and feminine shapes.

Maker Movement

This year’s Maker class embodies the essence of North American craftsmanship: quality and style while using local raw materials to design unique pieces. The Maker movement speaks to consumer trends towards personalization, one-offs and supporting local and independent design.


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