About Us

At Interior Preference, we create enticing, carefully planned and inviting homes that are
custom tailored for you. Established in Arizona, we offer full residential design services, from
design consultations to custom design renovation projects working with licensed, bonded, and
insured contractors. From our vast years of experience, we shine at our approach and
managing every minute detail to provide a smooth process for you. We value the importance
of hiring the correct team and we work vigorously to give thought through every solution and
design every detail with care so you will be assured that your home and the contents within
will be enjoyed for years to come.
We would love to collaborate with you, to exceed your dreams!

Paula Savino

Paula Savino, an experienced designer with a bachelor’s degree in interior design from New Mexico State University has been practicing Interior Design and site planning for more than 25 years. She brings to the table a wealth of residential design knowledge, expertise in project management and a keen sense of solving problems resulting in superb outcomes. Paulas expressive approach to design exudes confidence, followed by a prestigious reputation. She believes in practical functionality of spaces, combined with beauty to achieve fabulous results. She derives design inspiration from nature, her keen eye of elevated sophistication, innovation and at times from client innuendos; all combined to achieve stunning custom design.

A beautiful home is just the beginning, I believe interior design is about making your life better from the inside out.

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