Cactus Crush: How to Display Cactus Plants in Your Home

The interiors world has gone crazy over cactus plants! In addition to the fiddle leaf fig and the snake plant, cactus plants are fast becoming the industry’s new favorite indoor plant. A popular plant during the fifties, it seems only natural that with the revival of mid-century design elements in home furnishings and accessories, architectural plants like cactus would [...]

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The 10 Commandments for Styling a Living Room

There’s a reason why the living room named so – it’s where so much of everyday life happens, after all. It’s the place where we come to slow down, the room where we welcome family and friends. From entertaining and reading, to sitting back and watching our favorite TV show, a great styled living room [...]

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Let These Spring Trends Help Your Interiors Blossom

Attention, design lovers: Spring is officially approaching. As the colors outside change from gloomy gray to perfectly sunny and pastel, our interiors also request a bit of a refresh — and there's no better way for your space to blossom than by celebrating the trends of the season. Pinterest gave us intel on this season's [...]

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