Bronze Not Brass in Interior Design

//Bronze Not Brass in Interior Design

Bronze Not Brass in Interior Design

While 2016 was all about brass fittings and home accessories, bronze is the metal to kit your home out in this year.

The names sound similar and although at first glance, they might look alike, the interior enthusiasts among us will know that they’re actually quite different.

Interior designer Tali Roth spoke about the bronze and why it’s trending in a recent interview with My Domaine.

Tali said that bronze is THE metal for 2017 and if you’re wondering what makes it so special, here’s her reasoning.

“It plays well with other finishes and colors and is a little bit more on the neutral side”.

While brass might be on the louder side, bronze is more muted and as Tali recommends, mixing metals is the way forward.

This means you don’t need to get rid of any brass you might have accumulated and instead, you can add some bronze to complement it.

By following this trend of ‘mixing metals’, you’ll create a completely unique look for your home that doesn’t look as rigid or ‘showhomey’ as sticking to one metal.

Check out the below for some bronze-spiration.

Image of Bronze material used in interior design.

Image of bronze lampshade in Phoenix home.










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