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7 Delightfully Unusual Color Combinations (Plus the Reasons Why They Work)

Tired of playing it safe with color ? Take a look at these 7 room decor showcasing color combinations that shouldn't work — but somehow do. The colors: Dusky green and fire engine red Why [...]

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Home Decor Inspiration from the Sonoran Desert

Vast open spaces, sandy foothills dotted with regal Saguaro cactuses and a burning orange sun sinking behind the majestic Rocky Mountains – the Sonoran Desert, which straddles the borders between Southern California, Arizona and Northern [...]

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Interior designers share their home décor perspectives

The task of selecting interior design elements can be daunting for many homeowners. With myriad choices in furniture, flooring, paint, fabric and color, a trip to a design center can be overwhelming. But for Sheryl Scruggs, [...]

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