Your Summer 2017 Decorating Horoscope Is Here

//Your Summer 2017 Decorating Horoscope Is Here

Your Summer 2017 Decorating Horoscope Is Here

You don’t have to follow each planetary retrograde to know that there’s some sense to astrology. After all, people seem to guess you’re a Pisces within minutes of meeting you. And we all have that one friend who’s a total Gemini. So why try to fight the stars, whether it’s in your love life or your decorating style?

This summer, we’re all about designing rooms that feel like a permanent vacation, so we called upon our resident astrologist for some décor advice to perfectly suit your sign. Consider this your crystal ball of summer style.

Aries Aries decoration

You’re quite the social butterfly this summer, Aries! But even if your calendar is jam-packed with music festivals and vacations through August, try saving some energy for having fun at home. Since you’re in the mood to bring friends together, take advantage of any outdoor space you may have. As the fiery sign in the zodiac, crimson tones are your colors. So take a cue from the most stylish shade of the season and decorate with mod furniture in bright, orange hues. The result? Everyone will want to hang at your place.

Taurus Taurus Decoration

No one likes entertaining guests quite as much as you do, Taurus. But if you’re not careful, you might overdo it on the number of cocktail parties you plan to host this summer. To make it easy on yourself, put your fine tastes on display by stocking an elegant bar cart with all of the necessities for the season, like festive glassware, drink-making tools, and plenty of rosé. Florals and bowls of fresh fruit will be your friends for simple yet invigorating décor!

Gemini Gaminin Ddecoration

As a Gemini, you often expel all of your energy on social pursuits, but you’ve chosen to invest in yourself this summer. Whether that means embarking on a life-changing yoga retreat or finally pursuing stand-up comedy, it’s time to continue developing that vivacious personality of yours! Paint your walls an energizing color like chartreuse or fill your space with plants to help fuel your creative energy. Focus your design efforts on inventing a space where you can master your craft, whether that means creating an art studio or a writing den.

Cancer Cancer decor

Dear Cancer, if it seems like you can’t get enough R&R this summer. That’s because the sun is slumbering in your 12th house of healing and transition. Beat the desire to stay in bed all day by creating a cozy nook in your home or set up a hammock somewhere outside where you can enjoy a little sunshine. It’s okay if you’re not exactly in the mood for summer fun — now is the time to catch up on reading and enjoy an oasis-like retreat of your own. Remember, comfort is key so use lots of natural textures and beat the blues by keeping your color palette bright, light and simple.

Leo leo decoration

It’s your time to ascend the ladder to success, Leo! You’re roaring with networking power this summer. But as your popularity grows, make sure you’re nurturing your home, too. Hold court by throwing a giant dinner party for all your new friends and show off your fine tastes by decorating with exotic influences and an eclectic array of art. Traveling this summer? Pick up a few new pieces along the way.

Virgo virgo decor

With Mars touring through your 11th house of social justice and community, your inner activist has been awakened. So how will you help make the world a better place, Virgo? Whether you take on a big volunteer project or start to establish yourself as a community leader, you’ll need to stay organized this summer. A clean and orderly space is essential, so try to set up a work area where you can execute without getting distracted. Neat, open shelving stocked with books makes perfect décor, but your palette should remain clean and natural.

Libra Libra decoration

Got a bad case of wanderlust, dear Libra? Hopefully you’ll be satisfying it with lots of travel and vacation this summer. But if not, activate your passion for new sights and experiences by decorating your home in a whole new way. Visit local museums and start collecting more objets d’art. Beautiful things are kind of your thing, so bring more into your space and exercise your unique ability to decorate with balance and scale, no matter how many cool new pieces you collect.

Scorpio Scorpio decoration

It may as well be the summer of love for you, Scorpio! Passion and allure are running high for your sign, which means you should probably approach any cutie you lock eyes with — the ball’s in your court! But whether you’re in a committed relationship or on the prowl, be sure to focus your design energy on the bedroom. The bed is clearly the focal point of the room, so make sure it’s dressed to the nines in succulent textures like percale and silk. Revel in intense colors like deep, ocean blue and moody green. And whatever you do, keep your space neat and tidy to maintain an air of mystery.

Sagittarius Sagittarius Decor

With the sun in Gemini — the sign directly opposite yours — now is a time for reflection and revelation. Gemini also rules your house of partnerships, which means you may be doing some house-cleaning when it comes to friendships that haven’t had your best interests at heart. Nurture the great relationships you do have by planning game nights at home or inviting pals over for a BBQ. Make sure your space feels lively and inviting by filling it with fragrant scents, comfy seating, and plants.

Capricorn Capricorn decoration

Feeling industrious, Capricorn? Maybe it’s time to embark on that major home improvement project you’ve been putting off. But first, get systemized. Though you tend to be a traditionalist when it comes to design, smart house gadgets like iOS controlled appliances might really help you out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t complement your new tech with timeless items. Incorporate antique accessories and functional wood furnishings to balance the contemporary features you may be adding to your space.






aquarius decorThe hedonistic wild child that defines your sign is thriving this summer. Which means you don’t need to find ways to entertain yourself — you are the entertainment! Festive and flamboyant are key words to consider when decorating. Let your place pop with vivid, geometric patterns, abstract art, and furniture that helps you express your wild, uninhibited personality. Though you want your space to feel clutter-free, there’s definitely no need to shy away from bright colors this summer. Your home should feel like a cool place where people want to party.

Pisces pisces decor




With Gemini in your domestic fourth house, your home is a social hub for visiting guests, which means you might

want to pull out the nice dishware and extra towels to make your space feel like a five-star hotel. But try not to go overboard on the dinner parties and overnight stays — you treasure your alone time and definitely need to make room for privacy. Whether it’s in your bedroom or a corner of your home, create a sanctuary where you can retreat for meditation, reading, or even just some alone time to watch TV. Fill it with serene, natural colors and soft fibers (think silken floor pillows and jute rugs).


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