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My journey as a design professional has been very rewarding from the beginning through the present. Since 1991, this journey has led me to work on a host of wonderful projects in New Mexico, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cavecreek, Fountain Hills, Gold Canyon, East Mesa, San Tan Valley, Sun Lakes, Chandler, and Carlsbad, CA to name a few. I have retained a deep inherent passion and drive to create functional and beautiful spaces for my clients. It is my and my team’s belief that our efforts should be all about the client, their lives, and how they desire to function. We like to orchestrate a smoothly run project, well thought out, sophisticated yet sometimes whimsical, within the right setting. Our heartfelt intentions for our clients are to guide, educate, reassure, and bring their dreams to a higher plane than what they had originally considered, while keeping their budget in mind as we together follow their design journey. These projects have encompassed designs of kitchen, bath, and master bedroom with en suite, family and living rooms, study and office, dining and breakfast designs, children’s spaces, exterior spaces, new build, remodels and commercial space renovations.

The inspiration of beauty draws us in and at that moment it captures our soul. The spaces in which we work and live in should reflect this beauty and compels us into a state of wellbeing.

Interior Preference team prides itself in successfully reaching its client’s objectives and goals. Our team enjoys bringing a breath of fresh air to any space. Maybe you desire a new innovative perspective to your living space or simple enhancements to complete your dreams. Maybe you are starting from scratch and do not have a firm idea of what to do and where to start, then allow me to take you by the hand and guide you to fulfill your vision and dreams for your space. Or maybe you have a functional design problem and you don’t know how to solve it.
If there is a desire to employ sustainable materials or repurposed products, we can provide a completed design filled with charm and character all the while saving the environment and impacting your space with healthy products. However, if you as a homeowner who is trying to sell your home; my staff and I will work with you to stage and showcase your home to stand out from the others to a completed sale. Should you be an investor or group of investors who desire to launch a resort, spa, restaurant, medical office and you desire a professional design group, whose fresh perspective, creative and innovative ideas we can help bring a successful draw of future business.

Whatever category you may fall into I have the experience and resources to help you make your life function easier, your environment well pleasing and place your state of mind at ease.