7 Ways to Create Green Color Interior Design

//7 Ways to Create Green Color Interior Design

7 Ways to Create Green Color Interior Design

The color green is thought to bring balance and harmony to its surroundings so it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite choice in interior design. Aside from the psychology of it, its connection to the outdoors and especially spring and summer makes it a great color to pair with others, after all every flower, no matter what color, has a green stem. This means that even in a monochromatic green scheme, a pop of any other color won’t look out of place and that’s the kind of interior design that can grow with you. Read on for the 7 ways to create it.

Start With Just a Green Accent Wall

Green Accent Wall

When infusing your interior with the color green, the easiest way to do so is with paint and while the safest thing to do is to paint one accent wall, a far more dramatic choice is to bring that accent wall into its surrounding planes.

Accent Green Wall

Another way of bringing a green accent wall into its surrounding area is to purchase a piece of furniture in a shade of green you like and then have it color matched at the paint store, and if you are so inclined at the fabric store too.

A fun idea is to take several shades of green and work them all into your wall to create velvet aesthetic. It’s easy to do – all you need is some cotton rags bunched up in your hand to move the wet paint around.

Monochromatic Green Scheme

If you love the idea of a monochromatic green scheme then layering in different materials in different shades of green will add interest both visually and viscerally.

Green Color Interior Design

Aside from tile, moldings can add a great deal of texture to a room and when they’re painted the same color as the walls the shadow play is the star attraction. As a foil to the shadows consider hanging mirrors for the added layer of light refraction.

Add Green Details for a Quick Interior Design Makeover

Green Chairs

If you love the color green but prefer a neutral palette on your walls, there are so many other ways to inject it into your decor. When using the color in details consider using a whole variety of shades from dark to light – see chairs above.

Soft Greens

Soft greens go beautifully with greys and beiges, like a warm spring day in the garden.

Just as with an accent wall, you can achieve a focal point by creating a vignette of green furniture or a collage of green art on the wall.

When choosing your details don’t forget about the ceiling. These vintage pendants and their powder coated steel shades take the green drama into the vertical realm.

Make a Statement with Green Tiles

Green Theme Pattern

Tiles come in almost the same range of colors as paint but also come in or can be used in patterns so when considering a green theme for your home go beyond your favorite shade and think pattern too

Vertical Pattern Green Tiles

Tiles also offer the opportunity to play with hazy shades, something that is hard to achieve with other materials. It’s all in the glazing – see this vertical pattern above.

Brilliant Green Tiles

Here a super soft green paint color on the walls, a brilliant green tile on the backsplash and emerald green within the floor pattern create an all over story that comes to life next to the bright white cabinetry.

Green Tiles

These handmade tiles (above) with their irregular edges, thicknesses and colorations soften the aesthetic of the modern cabinetry while at the same time creating a punch of green drama against an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Go Extravagant With Green Wood Look Tile

Green Wood Look Tile

A green floor is like a walk in the park and when its wood look tile it doesn’t matter if you actually have walked in the mud since this faux parquet is so easy to clean.

Add Green with a Photo Collage

Green Interior Design

There are so many ways to add the color green to your home and one of them also lets you feature fond memories or wishful thoughts. Photos are always a great way to jazz up a wall whether hung neatly in a geometric arrangement or layered in a collage aesthetic. While you might think it hard to create a photo storyboard in green it is no different than creating a grouping of sepia or black and white images, any color printer or photo studio can give your photos or images a green hue so go ahead and have some fun creating a green photo display.

Green up your Interior Design Naturally

Naturally Green

A natural way to add green to your interior design is by having plants either scattered or grouped in your home, usually near a window in a very traditional format or in a more modern vertical wall planting. Why not think outside the box and go even higher and suspend your plants from the ceiling?

Use Green Wallpaper

Green Color Home Decor

Sometimes the best place to put a color is on the ceiling and if you want that color to be part of a pattern, paint might not be the best option, but then neither is tile.

Green color home decor is such a great way for bringing the outdoors in. If white is your preference then, perhaps, our guide to design ideas for white room interiors would be of interest.


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