Home Decor Inspiration from the Sonoran Desert

//Home Decor Inspiration from the Sonoran Desert

Home Decor Inspiration from the Sonoran Desert

Vast open spaces, sandy foothills dotted with regal Saguaro cactuses and a burning orange sun sinking behind the majestic Rocky Mountains – the Sonoran Desert, which straddles the borders between Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico, is one of the most beautiful places from which to draw inspiration for your home décor.

From the purple hues of the desert sunset to the grayish green of the agave plants and the coral pinks and butter yellows of cactus flowers, the natural palate at play here is one of the most unique and interesting in North America.

When it comes to landscaping and outdoor spaces, residents of the desert often embrace the desert rather than attempt to force change. This is largely due to the fact that the desert is such a powerful force and will not grow anything other than the native flora. However, this concept also follows in the Native American tradition of living in harmony with nature rather than taking over and owning the land.


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Almost all of the landscaping of this area utilizes the same basic arrangement found throughout the desert wilderness with grounds covered in sand and rocks, and pathways lined in agave, cactuses and local species of sage. Even the outsides of homes are made with adobe – a type of building clay which blends almost flawlessly into the landscape.

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However, you do not necessarily need to live near the Sonoran Desert to use its elements within your home décor. You can easily use these themes inside a home as well. In terms of colors, stick with sand colored or brown-orange earth tones accentuated with yellow-greens, pinks, deep purples and turquoise – a color often found in the stones of Navajo Indian jewelry. Make use of geometric Native American patterns for area rugs and throw pillows and invest in authentic Navajo pottery.


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When choosing furniture, select high quality pieces made of rustic, mesquite wood characteristic of the old west. Then, consider adding a potted cactus or two – but keep them away from children and pets. Complete the look with pastoral iron wall art or a painting by the late local Sonoran Desert artist Ettor DeGrazia. Rugs made of faux cow skin can be a bold addition to the room, but only for those truly skilled in combining elements.

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After finishing your new design, you can enjoy your very own Sonoran Desert hideaway no matter where you live. However, unlike those adventuresome folk sleeping under the desert sky, you’ll be safe from the packs of wild coyotes roaming through the mountain passes.


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