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Southwestern Style: Adobe Homes

Far from being dull and lifeless, the arid landscapes of the American southwest offer the richest color palettes in the country. For those who have seen it, all you have to do is think “Grand Canyon” and the understanding is complete! Umber, ochre, copper, silver, gray and gold are ancient colors offered by the earth. [...]

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Let Nature Inspire your Home Design

Budget goes beautifully with arrangements and projects drawn from the great outdoors Give your living space a big breath of fresh air by decorating for the season using simple, natural materials and nature-inspired colors. From creative ideas for sea glass to fancied-up pressed flowers, decorating with nature is a great way to wake up tired [...]

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9 Kitchens With the Most Inspiring White Details

The gleaming quartz Silestone countertop in this kitchen may look high maintenance, but it’s actually easy to clean and has high scratch, stain, and heat resistance. DIY curtains made with an old scarf add a cheery pop of pattern.               The 7-foot-by-3 ½-foot island in this Georgia kitchen offers [...]

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Dining in Comfort with Kitchen Banquettes

The amenity of your dining corner is not to be underestimated. The place where you eat most of your meals should have high levels of comfort, there’s no doubt about that. It will contribute to the feeling of coziness while you are dining, not to mention keep your guest comfortable any time you are hosting [...]

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Interior Design – Inspired by the Southwest

Southwestern interior design features, are distinctive, ethnic styles, that are very warm and inviting. It is a decorative compilation of Native American and Spanish styles, which are the environment and heritage of New Mexico, Spain, and Arizona natives. The Southwestern style is a traditional infusion, consisting of color, woods, metal details, and decorative accents. Southwestern [...]

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8 Popular Interior Design Types Explained

Looking to decorate your new home and seeking thematic inspiration? Search no more. We’re covering 8 interior design styles that are popular in modern homes. In reality, practitioners blend different elements from several decorating styles together, but it’s crucial to identify the core aspects of each one. Obviously, there are interior design styles beyond the [...]

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Interior Designers Top 13 Home Splurges

The first step when decorating your home is to always set a budget. But that doesn't mean when you fall hard for a sofa, you shouldn't sink a few extra bucks into it. Giving into your desire to splurge happens — even to professionals. Want proof? We asked some of our go-to designers what they [...]

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Unusual Color Palettes That Really Work

Take your home to a bold new level by trying out one of these unexpected, but surprisingly perfect, color palettes. Did you know that you could mix red, white and blue with black-and-white stripes? Find out how. Teal + Rust Teal and rust create one of those unexpected color combinations that instantly evokes a feeling [...]

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Interior Design 2017 Trends Forecast

The Interior Design Show curators have unveiled their forecast for some of the top trends for 2017 inspiring the direction of design for the year to come. "This year, we'll see designers and trends that will encompass the expansion of the outdoor living realm to the fusion of tech and design accumulating into an awe-inspiring [...]

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