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Using Sculptures at Home: Boost Your Interiors with Busts

Are you an ardent lover of sculptures? Here we bring you some ideal examples of the perfect and creative use of sculptures as an integral part of your home décor. Be it antique, rare pieces or any modern and contemporary stuff, sculptures will definitely work wonders for your interiors! A sculpture is the best option when [...]

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Bronze Not Brass in Interior Design

While 2016 was all about brass fittings and home accessories, bronze is the metal to kit your home out in this year. The names sound similar and although at first glance, they might look alike, the interior enthusiasts among us will know that they're actually quite different. Interior designer Tali Roth spoke about the bronze [...]

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The Right Bathroom Design Is an Important Part of Your Perfect House

Like kitchen design, bathroom design has changed dramatically in recent decades. Bathrooms, especially master bathrooms, have become far more than the simple, utilitarian room they once were. They have evolved from the simple, white tiled, sanitized spaces into personal retreats and at-home spas. And like everything you might design in your house, designing a good [...]

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Southwestern Style: Adobe Homes

Far from being dull and lifeless, the arid landscapes of the American southwest offer the richest color palettes in the country. For those who have seen it, all you have to do is think “Grand Canyon” and the understanding is complete! Umber, ochre, copper, silver, gray and gold are ancient colors offered by the earth. [...]

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The 10 Commandments for Styling a Living Room

There’s a reason why the living room named so – it’s where so much of everyday life happens, after all. It’s the place where we come to slow down, the room where we welcome family and friends. From entertaining and reading, to sitting back and watching our favorite TV show, a great styled living room [...]

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Let Nature Inspire your Home Design

Budget goes beautifully with arrangements and projects drawn from the great outdoors Give your living space a big breath of fresh air by decorating for the season using simple, natural materials and nature-inspired colors. From creative ideas for sea glass to fancied-up pressed flowers, decorating with nature is a great way to wake up tired [...]

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